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When is this 3-Day Live Program Happening?

SAT 10:29AM

►Day 1 : Feb 10, (07:30 PM - 08:30 PM), IST (MON)

►Day 2 : Feb 10, (07:30 PM - 08:30 PM), IST (TUE)

►Day 3 : Feb 10, (07:30 PM - 08:30 PM), IST (WED)

►Day 4 : Feb 16, (07:30 PM - 08:30 PM), IST (THU)

►Day 5 : Feb 17, (07:30 PM - 08:30 PM), IST (FRI)

Meet the Mind behind Effortless Fit.

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Meet Arvind Padmaraju. He has a doctorate in Health & wellness from California Public University, USA.

Right Now, He is a Health Manager on a reputable MNC in Dubai.
He is also a Certified holobody Coach, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & a TedX Speaker.

He helped 1000+ parents & business owners to get phenomenal health transformation through his 15 Minute Effortless Fit Routine in 2023 alone.

For these achievements & services done for parents & business owners in 2023, He got recognised as a STAR SPEAKER on a Prestigious Business talk Event ( Wow Talks ).

1000+ parents, working professionals & Business owners are actively using his 15-Min Warrior Routine to get phenomenal health transformations.

His services are rated Excellent with a trust score of 4.8 at Trustpilot Reviews.
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He is on a Mission to Transform Every Single Parent to live a Healthy, Fit & Disease Free LifeStyle for the rest of their lives to GIVE RISE TO FIT & HEALTHY KIDS in generations to come.

 His experience & expertise can transform your health in a way that you have never imagined.

Join his Live Program & get Exiting Bonuses at the end of the program. 👇

Bonus Value
1) Health Habits Tracker Excel Sheet To Track your Daily Habits 1999 Value
2) 15 Min Smart Workout Plan to Fit Your Busy Schedules 999 Value
3) Creative Visualization Meditation Music for Mindset Priceless
4) 5-Min Stress Release Meditation Video 1999 Value
5) 40 healthy foods Chart for your Holistic Health 2999 Value
Total Value: 9,995
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Testimonials of Happy Parents & Business Owners Who Went Through the 3-Day Live Program with me

Shyam (Trader): I am able to reduce my bad cholostrol levels
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Usha (New Mom): I could able to do healthy weight loss even as a new mom.
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Jenny (IT Professional): I am able to bring back the focus to my health.
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VijiSam (Home Maker): I am able to correct sleep cycle & bad health routine
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For who is this Effortless Fit 3-Day Live Program for?

If you are a parent, enterpreneur or working professional:

  • You Are Struggling with high Cholesterol levels
  • You Are Battling Unwanted Weight Gain on daily basis
  • You Are Experiencing Low Energy Levels throughout the day
  • You Are Facing Hormonal Imbalances
  • You Are Dealing with Slow Metabolism & digestive problems
  • You Are Trying to Reduce Your Waistline
  • You Are Seeking to Improve Your Overall Health
  • You Are Looking for easy to follow life-style Solutions to Enhance Your Well-being

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What you will learn to do in 3-Day Live Program?

Effortless Fit Program Structure:

Course Curriculam Slide Course Curriculam Slide Course Curriculam Slide

Effortless-Fit is Beginner-friendly Program.

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